This is Conor Gaffney
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“Gaffney Shmaffney”

I'm a law student in New York City.

Previously, I worked for two years in New Orleans as a data and policy analyst for the City. I also worked on political campaigns in Chicago for several years.

But fear not, there's also some humanism in my background. I studied philosophy and classics as an undergrad, and did a master's degree in political thought and intellectual history. I wrote my dissertation on G.E. Moore and Wittgenstein, specifically about some exchanges they had concerning the philosophy of logic in 1944 and 45, and how these clarify the role of logic in the later Wittgenstein's work. You can read an excerpt here.

In my free time I like reading scattered things about logic and moral philosophy, cycling, fishing, and walking around in circles in the great outdoors.

I don't have to tell you that thoughts and opinions expressed here are entirely my own, and only someone else's through coincidence or deliberation. Feel free to take a look at the rest of my stuff:


Dauphin Island adventure weekend

Jun 15 2015 My tent on Dauphin Island, AL

Louisiana is the "sportsman's paradise," and this is undoubtedly true for sportsmen and women with access to a boat, guns (or binoculars if you are the more pacific variety), and, increasingly, land. For the weekend warriors in New Orleans without the expertise or equipment of established locals, the great outdoors can feel like it's on your doorstep but out of reach. I am one of those sad, hapless, citybound people. But luckily, I know a very resourceful couple who have created a number of excellent adventures within 2 - 3 hours of New Orleans.

This is an account one of the more imaginative weekend trips this couple has concocted. Dauphin Island is an 8 mile or so long barrier island in the Gulf...

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